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web and graphics designer
let me introduce my self


if you need cheap but good web/graphics design you're in the right place, i'm a self taught web and graphics designer with over 2 years of experience with HTML/CSS/PHP and 5 years with Photoshop and other image editing software.

thanks to Freedom Hosting II for the free hosting.


hi, i'm an onionland user just like you. apart from being a web and graphics designer i'm also a video editor, musician and aspiring C++ programmer. other than that, i'm just another person looking for a place in the world. welcome to my den.


if you're interested in a website, logo or whatever else, please feel free to contact me. prices depend on what you want, but just as a reference, if you want me to make you a site just like this one it'll be about $20 per hour of work. i only accept BTC as payment. you can talk to me on TorChat at 6c5cjfbwgg2n65kq or use the contact email below. you can encrypt your emails using my PGP key.